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Surfboat Oars

European Surfboats stock Croker Surf Oars, contact us to check availability.

Croker L2 oars

Croker L2 oars include squareback sleeves and carbon handles

croker oar

Croker surf oar handles

Surf Oars


New L2 Croker surf oars available

£400,00 each

42mm End Caps

handle grips



Croker carbon handles with foam grips

£100.00 each



Grip for handles

Replacement foam grip for carbon handles

handle grips

42mm replacement handle end caps

£2.20 each




Replacement foam grip for carbon handles

£10.00 each



Squareback sleeves



Replacement squareback sleeves




Surf Oar Buttons



Surf oar squareback buttons for surf oar sleeve.






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